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Dove Dads

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Dove is now offering grants of up to $5,000 to fathers for paternity leave.

Dove is taking the lead on a new standard of paternity leave. The company has pledged $1 million to the effort and will be accepting applications for fathers looking to take time off to support their families. The grants also encourage a change in the way we talk about paternal care, encouraging fathers to think about the kind of parent they want to be and how their career shapes their goals.

The application includes a series of questions such as:

  • How would the Dove Men+Care Paternity Leave Grant help you and your family?
  • Besides financial strain, what other factors get in the way of taking the full amount of paternity leave that your company offers?
  • If you receive the grant, how much paternity leave do you plan to take? What do you hope to accomplish during your paternity leave and why?
  • What does being a caring dad mean to you today, and what do you want your legacy as a caring dad to be?
  • What do you wish society knew about the importance of fatherhood that they currently overlook?

This fund intends to “make paternity leave the new standard,” says Dove’s website. This effort is to give men an equal opportunity to care for their child just as much as women.

Dove not only worries about skincare, but overall well being of families.