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Things are looking pup for Britain's cats and dogs

Photo courtesy of ASPCA

In an effort to improve animal welfare, the United Kingdom has banned the sale of cats and dogs in third-party pet stores.

The move aims to discourage "puppy farms" and to crack down on immoral dealers who often exploit or abuse animals. The law will make breeders more accountable while also making it more difficult to sell smuggled puppies and kittens.

Now, residents wishing to own a cat or dog will need to go directly through a breeder or animal shelter.

The decision came after Britain's citizens showed overwhelming public support for the banning of third-party pet sales.

Animal Welfare Minister David Rutley said the new law “is part of our commitment to make sure the nation’s much-loved pets get the right start in life.” And Marc Abraham, a veterinarian and founder of Pup Aid , called the move “a real victory for grassroots campaigners as well as the U.K.’s dogs and cats.”

We are pretty pumped for this pup-tacular improvement for the U.K.