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A War on Weed No Longer

The War on Drugs has finally won its first battle: the WHO is moving cannabis from its placement in the "most dangerous" drug category. It will no longer be considered a schedule IV drug.

The WHO has acknowledged the medical uses for marijuana and is taking it out of the drug category that also includes heroin and cocaine. This will allow United Nations members to push towards marijuana reform and for health care providers and professionals to have more opportunity to research its potential therapeutic benefits.

Taking marijuana off the schedule IV list would also allow for the eventual legalization of regulated trade products.

“Today the World Health Organization has gone a long way towards setting the record straight. It is time for us all to support the World Health Organization’s recommendations and ensure politics don’t trump science,” said Michael Krawitze, a US Air Force Veteran and advocate for marijuana reform.

When the proposal is passed to the UN's Commission on Narcotic Drugs, 53 countries will vote on its reclassification in March.